there's two of us

Two sisters, two different lifestyles, one purpose. That's who we are. Our website was created to be a platform for a wide range of women. From singles, living young, wild, and free, to those who are married. Our content is geared towards ambitious women who believe in empowering each other, helping each other, and those around them. We believe in being real and honest, and hope others can relate to our experiences. Ultimately, we wish to inspire you as much as we inspire each other.

j + g

The Social Generation By Jacqueline

Mommin' Ain't Easy By Gretchen

Jacqueline and Gretchen are 10 years apart and the youngest in the family. Jacqueline is young, single, fashion forward, and fresh out of college. Gretchen is a wife, mother, an established Commercial Real Estate professional with a background in Culinary Arts. Together, they are putting their life experiences, ideas, and appetite on a platform in hopes other people can relate to them as well.

The Looking Glass

What's in a name?

A Tale  of Two Sisters Who Started a Website

The Looking Glass is a metaphor to the curators of this website. To put it simply, someone can look in the same mirror but will see different things. The term is a way of reflecting on their contemporary experiences. Throughout the website, you'll find guest contributors who share their perspectives as well. Both sisters spend a lot of time together. Whether it's physically, over the phone, or FaceTime. They seek each other's approval on food, clothing, accessories, and makeup. You name it they call each other about it. With Gretchen's love of cooking and being a mom, and Jacqueline's love for life and all things "life changing", they one day decided their creative spirits couldn't be kept a secret any longer.