21 Tips: Surviving Festival Season

This year will mark my fourth and final year of attending Coachella. I've not only attended Coachella, but many other festivals to at that! This article isn't just going to be another list of festival essentials, but a few tips I've picked up from the years of multiple festival experience. You can utilize most of these for any festival you decide to go to. 

21 Pro Tips

  • Pro Tip 1: If you're camping, get there early on Thursday. I live about 1.5-2 hours away from Indio, so my group and I would meet and leave around 5 AM to get there by 7. 
  • Pro Tip 2: Take a picture of your camp street, meeting spot, hotel, or any address you're staying at. 
  • Pro Tip 3: Make your lineup for the day before. It'll suck figuring out a whole game plan for you and your group when you get to the grounds. 
  • Pro Tip 4: Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin. The list goes on. Bring it. You'll thank me later when the sun is dehydrating you or your killer hangover starts. (sneak it in if you have to...)
  • Pro Tip 5: Airplane mode. It'll save your battery for when you really need it.
  • Pro Tip 6: Portable charger. This probably seems like a given, but every year people forget one and regret it throughout the weekend. 
  • Pro Tip 7: Bandana. It'll get dusty, and wind storms are likely.
  • Pro Tip 8: Bring Ca$h. 
  • Pro Tip 9: Don't accept anything from strangers. People are weird. 
  • Pro Tip 10: Don't underestimate the heat. Wear sunscreen and drink water. Be nice and get your friends some water too. 
  • Pro Tip 11: The most useless text ever: "Where are you?" It likely won't send. By the time you get their response, they've probably moved around 3 different times. Instead, text affirmative statements. "Meet at Sahara at 6. Back left corner." and time stamp your texts, "Sent at 4:30."
  • Pro Tip 12: Buy and bring a cooling towel! I've used these for the past two years, and I'll never go without one again. They're reusable. All you have to do is dunk it in cold water, wring it out, and it'll keep your neck cool for a good amount of time.
  • Pro Tip 13: The Do-Lab is a dream. It's the best way to cool off. My Coachella motto, "When In Doubt, Do-Lab It Out".
  • Pro Tip 14: The Yuma tent has this glorious invention called A/C. Even if you don't like the act, you can always go there to chill for a second. (I would still head to the Do-Lab)
  • Pro Tip 15: Please don't be that douche that pushes through the crowd. Take your manners wherever you go. If you don't have any, learn some.
  • Pro Tip 16: If you ever get overwhelmed, feel free to take a breather. Your friends will understand. If they don't, you need new friends.
  • Pro Tip 17: Bring sweats. If you're camping, it could get cold. If you have a place, who doesn't like being comfy? 
  • Pro Tip 18: Leave that damn Native American headdress at home. Think of all the short people you've ruined the view for. Aka, me. 
  • Pro Tip 19: I can't believe I have to say this. Why the hell would anyone think it's okay to wear heels. I saw a girl running around in wedges and all I could think was w.t.f.
  • Pro Tip 20: Take Monday off. If you don't, I wish you all the luck in the world.
  • Pro Tip 21: Remember the word 'Moderation'. I'm not here to be your mom (even though my friends call me the mom), but take it easssyyyyyy. 


The most important of all. Have fun! be safe, look out for each other, and just come home alive. 



Courtesy of Danielle De Guzman

Courtesy of Danielle De Guzman